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Honest Fashion


Everyone has that one friend they kinda envy because he or she is good at something your not. I’ve got a lot of those friends but instead of envy, I admire them. They are not shy about what they can and can not do and started a small business as real entrepreneurs.

I want to introduce you my creative friends, for now I have enough people in mind to tell you all about but maybe in the future I will approach strangers I admire, always from the same point of view: having a skill (or a brilliant idea) and doing something with it.

Sophie and Marie are two of those friends I met at school. I can tell you, architecture is full of creative entrepreneurs. Both approaching jewellery design their own way, they already created a strong fan base and sell their creations online and on different markets. What makes their creations so attractive is that they both wear their own creations on a daily basis, not because they are forced to but because it fits their style. In my opinion this gives their brands a huge credibility.

I will introduce you Sophie from Sternum and Marie from Glaswaar seperately but in the mean time be sure to check out their websites (perfect christmas gifts) and start ordering! I did not give any direction while taking this pictures, to their great frustration, but the result is in my opinion how it’s supposed to be: an honest interaction between two friends.

Thanks chickies for being so excited about this!

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