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All the feels

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Sustainable to the bone

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Location is everything

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Make it last

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Rotterdam so far.

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I’ve never been one to post very frequently but things have gone downhill since I moved here. With no fellow bloggers to push me and no one to take my picture the amount of content is very low. Also I’m working on a different angle and a new project. And to relate that to the current state our world finds itself in, fashion for me feels quite irrelevant. Even posting feels like a banal first world way to spend my time. Even though we really should go on with living our life to the fullest and go on with our daily habits, for me this has been about reflecting on relevancy.

What can I do to make a difference? It may seem we, as individuals, have no power at all but believe me we have. For that I refer you to Russell Brand and his solution to terrorism who can explain that way better than me.

Seeing social media explode after the Paris attacks gave me mixed feelings. Our freedom of speech is something I highly support but maybe social media is to easy a way to send your opinon into the world. And as I personally could give a hell lot of reasons why Paris touches me more than any other city, it is really wrong we can not put all these equally horrible events on the same level.

Although I can rant all day and be angry with the world, I won’t. I’ll even more try to enjoy the little things and not let the fear overwhelm me. So the relevancy of this website for me at the moment is sharing beauty and joy. And hoping that my love for these things will reflect on you and motivate you to share this as well.

These pictures are a hint of the beauty of the sunny weather in combination with the Rotterdam architecture. My parents visited me that day and as I learned from them: try to love unconditionally even though it can be hard the effort is worth it. ♡









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