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Home — The hallway

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Bedroom update

Interior Design

Home — IKEA Ivar 2.0

Interior Design

Home — IKEA Ivar bedroom makeover

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Interior Design, Sustainable Lifestyle

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Home — Our new PLATSA wardrobe

Interior Design

After 3 years of having an open wardrobe, it was finally time to upgrade to a closed wardrobe. Why I didn’t make this switch sooner – who knows.

Drom dustmite paradise to a clean, sleek and grown up wardrobe.

The only thing that really bothered me about an IKEA wardrobe was the lack of color options so I went all out and dipped the doors in a beautiful (and sustainable) shade of terracotta. Let me tell you, it was a hell of a job but it turned out amazing in the end.

Another plus is that PLATSA is extremely easy to assemble and take apart – yay for that!

What we got?
4 elements 60 x 60 x 55cm
4 elements 80 x 60 x 55cm
2 elements 60 x 120 x 55cm
2 elements 80 x 120 x 55cm

This post is in collaboration with IKEA. All opinions expressed are my own. A big thanks to all the supporting brands who keep this blog running!

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