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All the feels

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Honest Fashion
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Honest Fashion


Although an outfit post is becoming rare, from time to time sharing what I’m wearing feels good. Combine this with an amazing photographer as Maya and we have a shoot happening! Those new Ace & Tate glasses really changed up my look because you know, glasses can really define you and it was time for something new. No brown, black or other dark hard colors anymore but a soft pink/beige complementing my extremely pale skin (yes I’m blessed with that, NOT).

The concept, the branding, the packaging, the communication, the good price Ace & Tate has it all and for only 98 euro you have perfectly good quality glasses. How they do it is explained on their website but it was about time something changed in the glasses-world because paying 300 euro for glasses that only last a year is not that great.

The rest of my outfit disappeared a bit due to the not so ideal lighting so I leave you with some new possible profile pics. Oh and btw this is no sponsored post. Happy clients are the best publicity!




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