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Exams are officially over (forever) and gave me the time to think about if I should post this or not. Someone wise (thanks Annebeth) told me you can only really make a point by stepping on someone else’s toes. So yes I’m going to do this but first a little explanation.

Starting from next week I will reveal brands/companies that take part in sweatshop activities. For the record, this will be based on my own research and with my own resources combined with some common sense. A lot of work is already done for me the past couple of years so I can use that as a starting point. But off course I can be wrong or make mistakes and if so please correct me because I would rather not blame the wrong people. On the other hand I already realised that company policies of the suspected companies are 90{1eacffa9ebeab588c36cec3d2da2b32fad3fa4c1e369410f800f367e980bc882} of the time a lot of bullsh*t. If I can prove that? Sadly enough I can’t but the information I gathered a lot of the time proves that code of conducts and all these other formalities created to prevent disasters as the factory collapse in Bangladesh are nothing more than pieces of paper.

My goal with this list?

My goal is NOT at all blaming people who buy sweatshop stuff or companies that produce in the suspected countries. These days it’s difficult as well as an consumer or as a producer to be ethical and conscious all the way since without all the money and resources in the world you never really know what happens in every part of de production chain. I myself am not a roll model at all, I did my fair share of unconscious buying, but I try to change that and until know I already did a pretty good job.
Raising awareness about what’s happening and how big it is, is my main focal point because most people don’t see it yet. And off course I also want to point out that all those powerful companies can make a difference, but if they don’t the customer can have as big an influence.

I will also make a list with documentaries you can watch as an introduction. Some can be shocking but will help as a reflection on your current lifestyle. Sometimes the changes you can make are not even that hard. If you need some more tips on how to start a sweatshop-free challenge, check out my previous post here.

For now I will leave you with a quote from Gandhi since the only real solution to this problem would be to stop consumerism and start living more durable and sober lifes.

“The people who are in the mad rush today, increasing their wants senselessly suppose that they are enhancing their importance and real knowledge. A day will come when they will exclaim, “What have we been doing?”
One after another, many civilizations have risen, flourished, declined and disappeared and in spite of their big boast of human progress, I am inclined to ask; To what end all this? What’s the purpose? Darwin’s contemporary Wallace has said that despite the various discoveries and inventions during the past fifty years, the moral height of man hasn’t increased even an inch. Tolstoy has said the same thing. Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed all have said the same things.” – Mahatme Gandhi 

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