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Babis Potzidis, drawing, image, Charpotz

Finally another post in the creative friends category. I met Babis on my erasmus in Paris, the nicest Greek I ever met! It was only recently I discovered his talent for drawing, so I had to write about.

The Paris effect
Babis has been drawing since he was a kid. He strongly remembers that time of him drawing plants for the primary school herbarium along with his mother. In Paris this part of him reached a new high. In his words the whole experience was “like swimming in a in a colorful multisensory emotional smoothie” (please do try to visualise) and he really got some creative vitamins.

It all started with the idea of creating an illustrational diary of his journey in Paris, and he kept doing it. He gets his inspiration from everyday life: music, nature, people ge meets, performances or fashion shows have great influences. His main topics so far are plants, flowers, girls/fashion, animals, prisms, planets, tattoos etc. all linked by his usual dreaminess.

Fashion illustrator to be
Lately he has been experimenting with watercolours and gifs and his latest passion consists of collages. Going out of his comfort zone is really important for him as long as he keeps his personal touch. “I don’t want to create just drawings but intrigue, inspire, be humorous, give edge and play with hidden meanings.”

In my opinion he could be on his way to become a successful fashion illustrator since he really knows how to caption someone’s essence (as seen in the portrait he made of me below and also the portraits of friends).

For more inspiration and info be sure to check out his Tumblr Charpotz!

Babis Potzidis, drawing, image, Charpotz

Babis Potzidis, drawing, image, Charpotz

Babis Potzidis, drawing, image, Charpotz

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