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All the feels

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Sustainable to the bone

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Location is everything

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I’ll be twinning.

Honest Fashion

In honour to my beautiful city, Antwerp, I went shooting with Monica for the last time before I left. No worries though, cause it won’t be the last time! Moving to Rotterdam what been quite easy yet although the FOMO has kicked in (aka fear of missing out). For me this is a good exercise but I don’t know where it will take this website. And yeah, as you might have seen, I’ve been nominated for the Weekend Blog Awards by Knack. And yes, that’s kinda big!

To everyone who supported me: a crazy thank you because the previous post putted me on the verge of quitting blogging. The ass-kissing was getting at me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. And to be truly honest, and this is also for all the haters out there, I nominated myself. Why? Because I was angry and sad and had a crazy motivation of showing ‘the world’ that what I do isn’t just superficial and mainstream. And although it can seem like it, it isn’t. I’m still looking for a way to prove that more but it’s a work in progress and combining this with my new job isn’t easy but is good for a whole lot of self-reflection.

But back to my self-nomination: In 500 words I putted my whole passion at risk because this could fail epically (luckily the Uniqlo drinks where kicking in, yes talk about timing) and I just went for it. If my rant was the reason for being picked? No idea! I liked to think someone else nominated me too but I suppose not since I could feel the hunger for being nominated in the blogger world and I just took my step back.

I, myself was truly and deeply touched by the nomination and more than that, it proved ass-kissing isn’t the only way to go. I’m not planning on winning because hey I got some damn good competition and they deserve it waaaay more! Do check out Joppe, Nathalie, Paulien, Ruth and all the others because it’s really worth it!

So let this be a message to all the bloggers out there: be honest and stay true to yourself! Maybe today it will not give you that free pair of shoes but tomorrow it can get you a whole lot more Don’t blog with the amount of reach in the back of your head but do it from the hart. And yes, sometimes it’s okay to speak up and say your honest opinion. But most of all, enjoy it!

If you really think I deserve it you can vote here but as I already said: this is more than I ever deserved!

Unif, outfit, twins, rainbow

Unif, outfit, twins, rainbow

Unif, outfit, twins, rainbow

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