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Honest Fashion

Maybe this should be a new subject on the blog about all the interesting people I meet.
Working at the show of the Antwerp Fashion Academy I got the chance to run in to Susie Bubble, one of this years judges, and talk with her. After seeing her in Paris, I was already a satisfied person and I never expected to be able to talk to her.

Susie is probably the most famous I ever talked to (based on instagram followers let’s say) and I never felted so comfortable. She’s sweet and very down to earth. Asking her to take a picture with me and asking some questions was not a problem at all where other famous people (bloggers) would already have turned their backs.

Her advice to young bloggers trying to be relevant: “Distinguish yourself in what your good at, and then distinguish yourself even more.”

Tonight I’m going back again but now to finally see the result of my sisters hard work on her first collection. I couldn’t be more proud!

A photo diary will follow soon!

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