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All the feels

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Sustainable to the bone

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Honest Fashion
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Honest Fashion

Welcome, Kenzo, blog

I’m very happy to welcome you to my new home Thank God It’s…  Since my previous blog, Thank God It’s Fashion, a lot changed. I grew out of the typical blogger format and felt like one of the thousands bloggers all over the world.

The need to stand out and create something for myself where I can be proud off resulted in this website. I don’t want to call it a blog anymore since I got rid of some of the typical elements defining blogs. Social media is not my priority anymore, if it ever was, nor is quantity above quality. Posting for posting is something I, from now on, refuse to take part in and hopefully you will understand that. So you can not expect regular posts but I will try to satisifie you, my readers, with enough reading material.

The biggest change on this blog is probably the different name, subtle but in my opinion a whole lot stronger. I decided to leave the fashion part out because I don’t want to talk about fashion only, I have a whole lot more to say.
This bunch of messy thoughts are organised according to five categories:

Apparel: From time to time, depending on if I find a photographer, an outfit post will be posted here.
Homegrown: Not only the things I cook but also the few DIY’s I do will be published here.
Life: Event reports, inspiration, small thoughts and so much more you can find over here. Or in other words, all the subjects without a categorie.
Writings: For me this is probably the most important part of the blog. Here I will be able to write about whatever I like, most of the time with a critical note.
Wanderlust: Architecture motivates me to see the world and some of those places deserve a spot right here.

Hopefully these categories will satisfy my needs but it’s possible overtime as this site will grow, change will appear. In one year time, when I will be graduated and on the hunt for a job, I hope this blog will have helped me to decide what I want to do in life. I’m curious what this new chapter will bring me and I hope that you, my precious readers, enjoy this ride with me.

For the moment only a few of my old posts are published but be sure to keep an eye on this blog because a lot of new stuff is coming your way. Have fun reading this blog and don’t be shy to react on my posts, write me an email or give suggestions.

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