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Honest Fashion

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Maybe you are wondering where heck you should start a challenge like this. Well, let me help you out. I made a list of steps, it’s probably not complete but it can be a guideline. Good luck!

1. Clear out the mess

Start by cleaning up your closet, drawers, room and so on. Try to only keep things you really love and use/wear, focus on qualtity and basics. (When in doubt put the clothes somewhere out of sight and check if you even remember them after a few weeks.)

2. See what you wear most and why.

Analyse what you have left. Why do you always want to grab those black trousers or why is that shirt stil unworn?

3. Decide a color palette that fits you and a signature style you want to focus on

It’s easier to keep yourself in check if you have a goal or a focus. Not only in your closet but also in your room/appartment/house this works. You want your bedroom to look like the one you saw on instagram? Well, analyse the style and set it as a goal. In time you will realise which items can go or stay or what you want to add. The same goes for your closet. How do you want to be perceived style-wise is the first step.

4. Write down what you want to invest in and what you definitely don’t need.

Sweatshop free shopping starts with less shopping. You don’t need 50 pairs of socks or underwear and yes it counts as shopping although it feels like a necessity. Save up the money you win by not spending it on useless stuff and invest in that designer chair/lamp or whatever is on your list.

5. Quality above quantity

We always want more and more and most of the time that need is at the expense of buying quality stuff. But believe me when I say that the happiness of buying something durable lasts thousand times longer. Think about that next time you go shopping.

6. Check brand backgrounds before buying

This is probably the first real step in the sweatshop free direction. Start checking the labels of whatever you see/want to buy when shopping. The amount of stuff made in China and Bangladesh is huge but you will probably be as surprised as me when you realise that Moschino shirt or Ralph Lauren pants are also made there. (And yes I think I named the first brands)

7. Beware of impulsive shopping

Sometimes there are these irritating urges that can only be silenced when buying something, for example pay day or after a bad day. Beware of these urges and try not to listen to them!

8. Enjoy your buy to the fullest

So you did buy something? Don’t save it up for special occasions or temperatures or whatsoever. Be sure to enjoy it to the fullest!


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