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Honest Fashion

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The last buys of my sweatshop life have been made. Since it’s a tradition to go shopping the first day of sales with my parents, I allowed me this one last time. I’m actually happy that’s behind me because seeing all those greedy people buying and buying made me a bit sick. I already made my list in advance and at 10.05 am I did my first buy and at 11 am I was done. You can say a lot about me but not that I’m wasting time.

This sweater was one of those buys (3 to be exact, the other two timeless basics of good quality) because who doesn’t need a hint of colour in their closet, okay I admit I went a bit overboard. Note to myself: stop buying sweaters! I have now enough for a really cold winter that’s yet to come. Although this sweater is of really good quality acryl, important since I’m allergic to wool, it’s made in China. How that influences the quality and the ethics of it, I really have no idea but it makes me aware that a high price/good quality don’t equal a better origin.

For the dutchies: here you can find part one of an interesting documentary VPRO is making about the clothing industry (De klere-wereld, get it?) with prove that a sweater you buy for 10 euro and one you buy for 200 euro are both still way overpriced, practically the same and bought because of the (lack of a) label.

Lesson of the day? Shop wisely and check if the big brand names are not preventing you to see what you’re really buying!

P.S.: Buying sweatshop free does not imply throwing away your previous sweatshop buys. Treasure what you have, wear it until it’s worn out and maybe then you can replace it with something sweatshop free.

IMG_9259 (1)

Sweater – Unif
Sunglasses – Ray Ban foldable glasses

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