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The Roffa diaries.

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No princess diaries here because yes, working life is catching up on me. Already 4 months went by here in the beautiful city of Rotterdam and now more than ever I realise what I want in life. The blogging life in Antwerp was fun, sometimes even too fun, and I can’t even count all the hangovers I got anymore from the crazy fabulous events. (Thanks to all my bloggerbaes for that!) Sadly, life in the Netherlands is way different and so also is the blogosphere. Since I’m not in Amsterdam, I probably miss everything but also there is a certain informality Antwerp’s finest PR people have in comparison to here. To be honest, I miss that informality f*king hard!

But like the princess diaries Prince Charming appeared and all was well. And yes, in my case architecture appeared. (huh, hey what?) Ok, I should say reappeared since it was a new found love returning to my life again. Blogging always was a way to give me short term happiness but when asked what my future ambitions where, blogging was nowhere to be found. Architecture, I realise now, does give me that long time happiness and motivation and drive to do MORE in life (just like those lovely informal Antwerpians).

The sky is the limit and I’m working on that. Architecture is not the way to go to make money so since I while I’ve been freelancing as a ‘graphic designer’ (a self-taught passion so I don’t really want to call myself that). Be sure to contact me if you need some help with your portfolio or other things! Ah and to be clear to everyone around me: sorry bae’s but don’t expect me coming back the next couple of years. Or at least I don’t want to go back to Antwerp for now since the world is too small for me over there (and lots of love-hate going on). But love you all long time!

To end this non-princess diary I want to introduce you my Khaki mules, or better said Palladium shoes. Made from old army uniforms this Dead Stock collection finally does something with the incredible amount of material te world already provides.

Oh and what about these amazing pictures made by Maya Bogaert? Soon more about that!









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