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Honest Fashion

While the past couple of days where mostly about reminiscing, I decided to look into the future. 2014 was for me the year a lot of things changed: I left the old blog behind and started up this new website, I made new friendships that made me realise the value of it, I had to adapt to new and maybe not always better habits and get rid of old ones and I travelled more than ever before.

But most of all 2014 was for me prequel on 2015. A preparation on what there is to come because 2015 will be the year of new things, exciting things, and new chapters in my life. If all goes well I will be graduating in june, this will be the turning point from student to working life. I will move out of my parents place, finally, and leave Belgium for new horzions to discover but the most important thing will be the jobhunt. Although architecture is a passion I will be challenging myself to start somewhere else first. This can be fashion, journalism, design or whatever as long as I love it. If you have any tips please shoot because this will be a big step into the unknown.

Last years New Years resolutions where hard to achieve but I got there. This year I made a proper list for me to check once in a while and to remind me of my goals.

New years resolutions

1. Taking time for myself

Sometimes I easily can get lost in my (school)work and everything around me that I forget to breath (literally). Some health problems last year learned me that taking a step back from time to time and relaxing/meditating is really important.

2. Staying off social media more often

Social media gains more and more importance in our lives every year. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of communication that you get in touch with every day. Putting my iphone in flight mode or just letting it lay around with a dead battery I try to create some quite moments.

3. Buying less/ sweatshop free/ more conscious

This year will be the year that I will start my sweatshop free challenge, you can read more about that here. How hard it will be and if I will manage I can not predict but I realise now already it will not be easy. Nevertheless I’m excited to give it a shot and try.

4. Downsizing personal stuff

My closet is clogging with clothes but also my bathroom cupboard contains way to much stuff that can be of better use somewhere else. This is also the case with my books, magazines, pile of empty sketchbooks and so on. 2015 will be the year of downsizing, on the way to minimal living!

5. Continue to write more (on or off this website)

Writing is something I aspire and really should do more. This is the year I will try to do that with some projects on and of this website.

6. Developping a clearer vision on what I want to do in life

My years of being a student are coming to an end so there has to be some kind of plan for the future. I’m not really a planner and during my studies I never really thought any further than my graduation day. Now that day is coming closer, I need to do some thinking.

7. Setting new goals and letting go of old ones

Setting a goal gives a purpose but holding on too long to it although you know you will not succeed will make you insecure. So I’m letting go and moving on!

8. Set a workout goal

Five weeks ago I started running, something I never imagined me doing ever but it made me feel good and I kept on going. Now The cold has kept me inside but thanks to youtube I keep moving. My goal for the year? Keep on working out and easily run 5Km.

9. Eat healthier, with less sugar and coffee

This year I did a detox twice (no coffee, almost no sugar, no alcohol, a lot of lemon water, fruit and vegetables and so on). Although I was not really strict, I felt immediately felt the impact. This year I want to continue that detox and keep on searching for better eating habits.

10. Enjoy 2015 to the fullest

Well, not really more explanation needed.

Have an amazing 2015!

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